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In August 2014 Emma Madison Moats started her present Journey in which purposeful prayer, persistent progress and ultimately His Healing Touch paved the elements for this daily walk.

A ruptured blood vessel (AVM) located directly above her brain stem (cerebellum) damaged most of her ability to control her bodily functions both internally and externally related to movement. The resulting blood clot growing quickly soon had damaged brain cells and left Emma in a comatose state. The emergency surgery was a success in the removal of that clot but left Emma in a lifeless state.

Today Emma stands strong during her therapy when walking and is living example Gods Healing Touch and Power as she has awakened and overcame countless obstacles, therapies and procedures to be an example of what God can do. Those constant prayers with superior Doctors and their assistants, many, many, many friends, family, church congregations, businesses and total strangers showed the love for Emma’s behalf and boosted our family unit in our New Walk now….All a result of His Healing Touch and Endless Love.

Emma’s future brings challenges to her often unexpected or planned but she is capable…through prayer! PTL! Uncertain steps were always strengthened from this healing power through his touch, one way or another Amen! Upcoming medical visits to Hershey Pa, where her Doctors practice, combined with a procedure(s) expected at The Hershey Med Center as well as a future visit to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and possible extended stay…Both will benefit her in improving her lifestyle and giving her more control of her body during movement and living every day. Today she is in an electric wheelchair for transporting herself.

Thank You Lord for Your Healing Touch and to All who read this….The Moats Family

Our Goals

Our fundraising goal of $25,000 toward balance of Emma’s Van/Transport for Wheelchair and upgraded for handicapped and other expenses occurred and upcoming visits/admissions to Hershey Med Center for procedures as well as Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for an upcoming procedure.  Donations will be going into an account specifically for Emma Moats for these related purposes.

Goal Achieved

We as a family must thank the Lord first of all for His Healing Touch as Emma consistently conquers her physical challenges with strength building. She is walking in PT at Chbg Hospital at times with the 4-legged cane which helps develop more stablility while walking.  God is Great!  No boundaries are too great for her, she has had a few of them these past 4 years plus during the renewing of her body.  Jen posts on Facebook weekly, if not daily of Emma’s accomplishments and challenges that overcome.

Our monetary goal of $25,000 was achieved due to the loving and giving spirit of local churches, businesses, friends, family and anonymous givers.  We love and thank you all.  Just recently, we had to purchase a vehicle with some of that money as our older vehicle needed too much repair.  Transportation is a necessity…even Emma’s Caravan has had recent repairs with more upcoming. Keeping her transportation safe and reliable is part of the necessities often unnoticed.

Our family continues to thank God for his mercy each day we wake and are blessed to be alive living together.  We often struggle as all families do and Our daily maintenance is essential…Everyone family no matter how many in the family needs support.  God answers prayers!  Keep us in your prayers!



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